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Fighting foodwaste has never been SO tasty

Natural delicious elixirs on-the-go. Our clean-label nutritious products are good for you and the environment. 

The             problem

Half of cultivated plants and fruits will be thrown away each year due to strict aesthetic criteria imposed by the markets. 

However, they retain their nutritional values ​​and taste quality.

One sip at a time, we can make 'yum' rhymes with 'daily positive impact'.

OJOA, the                                          solution

We give a second life to imperfect fruits and plants.

We transform them into easy- healthy elixirs.

Nature goodness ready in secs

1. Powder

Choose your elixirs for the day

2. Shake

Shake, shake, power is on

3. Enjoy

Your drink is ready to enJOY

A new healthy habit

100% Mama Nature Power

No Unwanted Ingredients - Only Nature's Goodness

Our European manufacturing process preserves natural vitamins and nutrients from fruits and plants. Pure Joy only!

Low sugar, Low calorie

Maximum Well-Being. Enjoy the Pleasure of Healthy Habits. We're here to help you cut down on sugar, coffee, and alcohol. Healthier than smoothies, richer than herbal teas.

Tasty & Delicious

Delicious hydration you can actually enjoy.

Each of our blend contains a unique combination of simply

great and tasty ingredients designed by our top-top

chiefs and awarded mixologists.

Key Benefits

Every sip is taking care of your health

Improve diggestion

Re-enforce focus

Remove toxines

What OJi's are saying

Sophie, 24

I drink more finally

I always struggled to drink during the day. With OJOA'elixir, i can pump my water every day with fruits and plants.

Manon, 34

My Go-to drink

I'm so glad I found a drink which is both respectful for my body and the environment

Paul, 32

A drink for the whole family

My kids loved OJOA elixirs. they are tasty and everything is good inside. Less sugar than a juice, better for their health and mine

OJOA vs others



100% natural

Aromas, additives...

Quality ingredients


Low sugar, low calories

Sugar, sugar

Healthy recipes

No targeted approach

The superheroes behind 

A top team of experts is accompanying us in making sure creating the best for you and only the best

Mélanie W.


Sandrine P.


Peter O.

Reknowed Baker



We stand for circularity

Everything is transformed, everything is created

 We wanted to find good drinks, both for our health and our environment, with no shortcut or compromise on quality. 

We worked for more than 2 years in our research and development and now, it is happening. 

Our first drinks are ready for you to test and enjoy!


They already supporting us, and you?

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